Galgóczi Zsuzsa és Pintér József

Our Story

My name is Zsuzsanna Galgóczi, I’m the founder of A-list Salon and SPA. I built up the bases of my knowledge at Jaques Dessange’s salon in Paris, and then I went on with my studies in London. Afterwards the Divine Providence led me to a cruise liner where I could enrich my knowledge with the merits of the American sensation. After I had returned, I had the opportunity to establish Catwalk Salon that I have run for three years with great success. Then came the landmark in my life, a whole new and challenging period started, that I had to go through with my baby under my heart. It was during this rugged period that I met Enikő Sághy who introduced the Productive Self-knowledge Method to me. Letting my productive power free, my real duty has finally got started. I realized that with the power of my faith I must call my own enterprise into being, must walk on my own path in order to fulfil my duty, to broaden my knowledge and to teach others. My belief attracted those people in my life whose support helped me setting up my own concern. I opened my first A-List Salon in 2003, in Buda, with a world of ideals and quality of services, one of my dream was come true. The power of  my faith in my life been a magnet for my partner, my husband, Joseph Pinter , who at that time, as a fireman saved the lives of people. I've experiencing the Creator Self method described himself in hairdressing talent in, and go forward with the combined strength of our business in Hungary, in 2011, which also gives Him leaders potential. So we still live every day that joy , that our profession gives.

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  • A-List Salon Pest
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  • A-List Salon Buda
  • A-List Salon Buda
  • A-List Salon Pest
  • A-List Salon Buda
  • A-List Salon Pest
  • A-List Salon Buda
  • A-List Salon Buda - Pest
  • A-List Salon Pest

Our Salon in Buda

In our salon in Buda hairdressing has priority which I expanded with other departments  and today we offer a wide range of high-standard services from 2003. Buoyancy, pulsing energy, the origin of the power of life is our salon in Buda, it embodies the dynamic side of harmony which contributes to the brightness of our clients’ soul and body. Be it a new hairstyle, well-groomed nails, radiant skin or the relaxation of exhausted muscles; do not hesitate to visit our salon.

Our Salon in Pest

In our salon in Pest to satisfy the demands the SPA section plays the main role from 2011. We maintain the rejuvenation of soul and body with refreshing fish pedicure and exclusive full body treatments. Our special baths clear the mind and take away all the tension, the touch of our exotic massages get into the deepest dimensions of the soul, our body scrubs awaken latent energy, our rituals rejuvenate soul and mind as well as body. Naturally, besides our SPA treatments our clients enjoy our hairdressers’, mani-pedicurists’, and cosmetologists’ caring. This place is a shelter to escape from the bustle of the world and the place of recreation, where one can float in the gentle vibration of calm.