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Balayage highlights Budapest with professional Redken haircolor

Illyés Gabriella Top Artist hairdresser tells us the secrets of the perfect Balayage highlights and the importance of using professional haircolor that we achieve with Redken products in all A-list salons.


I like natural things and I avoid all that are artificial or seems forced. For me, Redken is a brand that strives to bring out the best in ourselves and our guests, provides the finest products and haircolor in the most professional way possible.

Redken Professional Haircolor

I love Redken haircolor because they always surprise me with their high gloss and extremely wide color palette for a brilliant and natural look that no other dye can. I would like to emphasize that since the product is able to replenish water and protein to the hair, it will not only make your hair softer and shinier but also healthier.

Redken Color Choice

We are lucky to work with several different types of people. There are those who know exactly what they want, some who have ideas but are not convinced and some who fully rely on our expertise. Personally, I believe in teamwork when it comes to color choices, I don't like to force anything. With my own work and inspiration photos of other hairdressers, I show them what I thought were our options. I often look for a similar type of woman, or even a celebrity, to help them visualize the end result and overall impact.


Balayage melír a Redken professzionális hajfestékeivel

Balayage highlights with Redken professional haircolor

The word Balayage is of French origin and means sweeping - this is the painting technique everyone wants! I think this is understandable because it makes our appearance more exciting. The end result is greatly influenced by the basic hair color we arrive with and what we want to achieve at the salon. Sometimes as a guest you will be slightly disappointed, because at-home hair dye will certainly not make a perfect balayage highlights at first, just as black and dark brown hair won't have platinum blonde highlights. Often the first step is to paint a uniform, beautiful foundation, as our balayage highlights will not show well on patchy, uneven hair color.


When we meet a guest who wants a bigger transformation, we need to be aware that it is not physically possible to achieve that result at once, but the greater will be the joy of finally making the big transformation. What I like most about these situations is when we can dye natural hair and make it even more beautiful so that no one can decide whether or not that color is natural or not. The natural overall effect and the harmony of color is very important to me.


Balayage melír a Redken professzionális hajfestékeivel


The Balayage highlights technique

I can recommend the Balayage technique because you can truly personalize it for whoever wears it. There are those who do not like big changes, but for those we can make Balayage highlights that are not drastic, but the overall haircolor still gets a bit of a boost. Those who are transforming artists may be pleased because of the rich selection of color in this trend. If our hair is beautiful and our style fits us, we feel good, we move and act comfortably and confidently. It is not negligible if you are satisfied with yourself because it affects everything.


I do have a routine in this technique, but I can't say it's no longer a challenge. Making the old guest as satisfied as at the first time and understanding the new guests is always a great challenge for me. I love every color when it fits the wearer. I prefer natural shades, if you like blue, green, purple or gray hair than I won’t be the best choice for you.


The best relationship between a guest and a professional hairdresser is when we respect each other and trust that the result will be wonderful. Not only do I need tod o a nice balayage, but I also need a wearer who talks about what she likes, what she feels good about, and what makes her happy. This is a good profession because we lways get a lot of positive feedback.

Consultation before Balayage


I have been a hairdresser for 6 years and I am glad that I have learned this technique because we can achieve really nice results with it. At A-list salon, we attach great importance to consultation, where we can find out what the guest truly wants. The consultation covers everything because it is important to give the client guidance on what products, treatments and how frequent salon visits she needs to preserve the full beauty of their hair. When I see a guest, I can see the condition of her hair and what happened to her before she found us. Home care is important, we always cover this and what hair treatments would be needed. If the transformation is longer, we will make a plan and timeline needed to achieve the desired color.


Balayage melír a Redken professzionális hajfestékeivel

Balayage finish and final touches

I like to curl the hair after painting balayage highlights because it enhances the colors, but if you like straight hair, it's also fine. I have a guest who comes to me for balayage haircolor every six months, because the highlights look so natural to the basic hair color that she doesn’t need frequent color updates. I meet those who has blonde or light colors more often because they come to the salon about every three months, and they also come sometimes for coloring, shading and hair treatments! I have guests who like a more subtle effect, and some who like an effect that starts from the root. Besides choosing the color of the hair, it affects how often you have to come tot he salon for a balayage update.


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The author of this article is Gabriella Illyés Top Artist Hairdresser.


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