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Barber Haircut

A well-groomed, personalized hairstyle is an integral part of an engaging look and confident radiance.

A hairstyle that matches the face and personality of men highlights the character of the face and makes the wearer even more attractive. During our Barber haircut, we pay special attention to ensuring that the finished hairstyle is in perfect harmony with the wearer, thus creating confidence.

During our Barber haircut:


Barber haircut

During our Barber haircut, we combine the A-list quality with the professional knowledge and precision of barbers. For us, the Barber haircut means the professional execution of classic and modern haircuts for men, which are maximally personalized. Consultation also plays a key role in the A-list salons during our Barber haircuts, as this ensures that the finished hairstyle fits not only with the wearer's facial features and style, but also his lifestyle. Barber haircuts are characterized by clean, precise transitions (which our professionals can, of course, create from any desired length), sharp contours and the professional quality Redken shampoos and styling products.

The first step of the Barber haircut is consultation

For each and every one of our guests, we pay close attention to the consultation so that you can leave our salon with the perfect hairstyle that suits your features and personality best.
In addition to the shape of the face and head as well as the facial features and the character of the face, the Barber haircut also takes into account the directions and the natural pace of hair growth. Lifestyle also plays a huge role in creating the perfect hairstyle. The frequency of going to the hairdresser and the time spent on hair and beard care at home also influence the final style. Our specialists will help you to choose the right hair care, finish and styling products during the consultation, haircut and styling, be it specific hair problems (thinning hair, increased dandruff or oily hair), normal hair or the any desired finish - our specialists will know the solution!

Barber haircut and beard grooming

In addition to Barber haircuts, the beard also plays an important part of most modern men’s looks, as our face is what people first observe in our looks. During our Barber haircut and beard grooming, we take into account the desired hairstyle, the type and amount of beard hair as well as the time spent at home care and the frequency of salon visits when creating the perfect design.

In case of a full shave, we always prepare the skin of the face and the hairs for the razoring with the help of a wet towel heated with hot steam. In case of stronger hairs, this procedure is also recommended for beard shaping. Softening the skin of the face is not only important for easier shaving, but also allows us to provide a more lasting result in achieving the desired shape. In all cases, we shave in the same direction as the hair growth, thus preventing skin irritation and rashes.

Barber haircut: finish and styling

In the A-list salons we complete the experience with the help of professional hair care and styling products from Redken and Kérastase and ensure complete relaxation and external renewal. During our Barber haircut, the Redken Brews product family provides perfect cleaning and finishing, tailored specifically to the needs and hair types of our male guests.

Shampoos developed for oily and dandruff hair solve the unpleasant scalp problems completely tailored to the needs of our male guests. Redken Brews Silver helps to highlight the silvery shades of gray hair, and Redken Brews Daily is perfect for those who need to wash their hair every day. Hair styling can pose a serious challenge to our male guests, as it is easy to get lost in the world of at-home styling products of different durations and finishes. Our specialists will help you find the ideal product, whether it is a matte, glossy or a natural-looking finish you are looking for, as well as the perfect finishing touch for straight, curly or wavy hair.

We are launching our Barber service in A-list Hűvösvölgy!

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