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Deep tissue massage - a new mind in a new body

If you do sports, perform extraordinary physical activities day by day for any reason, or just need a body- and mind refreshing experience, come and try our deep tissue massage at A-list Pest salon. 

Deep tissue massage is recommended especially to you if lighter, relaxing forms of massage are no longer enough for you.

If you do sports – either as a professional sportsperson or just do regular exercises -, perform manual labour that tries your body heavily, or even if you go hiking regularly, or perform extraordinary physical activities day by day for any other reason.


Who do we recommend it to?

You will love this basically firm massage if you simply prefer firm treatment to lighter massage. If you suffer from any kind of chronic aches or pain, deep tissue massage is just the right solution for you, as we know how to reach and work on the deeper layers of tissue and muscle, ensuring much better results than of achieved with any other treatment carried out on the surface of your body.


Have you travelled much lately? Did it try your body, make you feel tired or even cause pain?

We recommend deep tissue massage to you if you wish to release the pain, receive a firm massage on your muscles, and recover the normal blood circulation of your muscles rather than just relax after the demanding journey. For those who hike on a regular basis or quite on the contrary: stand or sit much, not only deep tissue massage itself but also stretching combined with it can have outstanding effects on their body. Sitting for a long time can cause heavy pain in the lower back (for instance when travelling long on a plane or car) and your limbs can go numb. To revitalize these numb limbs of yours the technique of stretching can be very effective, especially when muscle tension causes the narrowing of the motion range of your joints.


Why is stretching beneficial with massage?

During stretching we carry out the movements of the joints while you lay still in a totally relaxed position. We reach and move the parts under and above the joints, never exceeding your pain threshold.


Why is deep tissue massage more than a relaxing massage?

No doubt that each type of massage is relaxing, makes you forget the stress of everyday life, refreshes the whole body and mind as well as the soul. Deep tissue massage, however, is recommended to those who don’t content themselves with so many beneficial effects, want to take a step further and feel as if they had just done a real tough workout.


The above article is based on the recommendations of our masseur, Mr. Ágoston Nagy.



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