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Eat these for healthy hair and skin

Do you want your hair and skin to be healthy?

Then consume the following vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis and your inner balance will be restored in your body.

Almost every woman dreams about long, shiny and healthy hair however this is not given to everyone no matter how we want it. It is a mistake to believe that there is nothing we can do about it and our hair can only grow with persistent anticipation. It is important to take certain vitamins, which also speeds up the regeneration and growth of our hair and skin.

Let's see which vitamins and minerals can help us achieve our goal, why they are important to our body and how we can get them.

Vitamin A:

It plays an important role in the development of skin and hair. It helps to provide the healthy rate of hair growth, making the hair smooth and velvety. Retinol is found in large amounts in dairy products, carrots, apricots, peppers and fish oil. It is very important to know that Vitamin A overdose can be dangerous. If Vitamin A is taken in tablet form, be careful not to take more than the maximum daily dose. Dietary Vitamin A should not be overdosed!

B vitamins:

Vitamin B strengthens and nourishes the hair, regulates sebum production, and activates the metabolic processes in the hair follicle. They help prevent inflammation and keep the skin of the head healthy. There are many B Vitamins in yeast, fish, egg yolk, nuts, hazelnuts, vegetables and wheat germ. (as an additive, eg B-complex)

Vitamin C:

It is a universal resource, and thus it can maintain and restore the health of the hair. It allows iron - this important building block - to reach the hair follicles and also strengthens the hair cells. Vitamin C is found in for example citrus and cabbage, peppers and kiwi.

Vitamin F: Against dandruff

Vitamin F is found mainly in oily seeds and whole grains. In addition to protection against harmful radiation such as ultraviolet, it helps prevent hair loss and dandruff. This special vitamin is found in many hair care products, the use of which is highly recommended in the spring.

Vitamin H: For the protection of hair follicles

Vitamin H plays an important role in keeping hair strong and shiny. It helps prevent the hair follicles from igniting, thus eliminating hair loss. Natural sources: fish, nuts, egg whites, whole grains.

Vitamin E:

It reduces the vulnerability of the skin, accelerates the healing of wounds, prevents the formation of scars. Protects red blood cells from damage. It is also due to this vitamin that no blood clots are formed in our body, as it inhibits their formation and, if they have already formed, helps to break them down. Vitamin E is also excellent for burns.

Vitamin E protects the heart by protecting the coronary arteries (the blood vessels that supply the heart muscle) through the action of free radical scavengers, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and the development of stroke.

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