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Permanent hair straightening with keratin treatment

We all dream of long, shiny, easy-to-handle hair. 

In today's busy world, every minute is valuable, especially on tired and sleepy mornings as we strive to leave home in the best shape we can. In this case, you might feel like a prize when you can smuggle another 10 to 15 minutes of 'me-time' into the morning spending either snoozing or drinking your morning coffee slower, or jumping into the shower to refresh yourself.

This is helped by the permanent keratin hair smoothing, which results in super-soft, easy-to-handle and silky hair. After the treatment, you don't have to spend more time ironing your hair for the perfect hairstyle in the mornings. But keratin straightening is not only recommended for those who want straight hair with wavy or curly hair. It can also be a good option for those with frequent dyeing, ironing and damaged hair structure. During treatment, the hairs receive enough keratin to regenerate.

Permanent hair straightening with keratin 

In our salon we use True Keratin and Natura Keratin for permanent hair straightening. In each case, we choose the right product line according to our guests' hair type and expectations.


Hair care treatment with 100% organic ingredients for brilliantly shiny and easy-to-use hair - even for months!

Natura keratin treatment, the first highly organic hair smoothing and grooming treatment that meets the demands of the modern age. The long-lasting effect and the exceptional softness of the hair are due to its special ingredients such as fruit extracts: strawberry, kiwi, orange, lemon, cocoa butter and aloe vera. Natura Keratin treatment not only nourishes but also makes hair shiny.

The treatment uses naturally-based keratin, the main building block of hair and nails. Keratin penetrates into the hair, where it heals internal wounds and forms a protective layer on the hair to prevent further damage, leaving the hair structure healthy, silky and shiny.

Keratin restores hair structure and protects it from heat damage, it can be applied to all types of hair, whether it is dyed, balayage, dauer or even straightened.


The True Keratin product line takes a holistic approach to hair care, using botanically proven organic ingredients and amino acids to restore the hair's natural shine. Extremely carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality penetrate the hair structure and renew the hair from the inside out. Depending on the condition of our hair, our experts choose the professional treatment for True Keratin.

Acai Keratin Treatment - For unruly frizzy hair

It smoothes hair with a powerful blend of antioxidants, its main ingredient is organic raspberry extract, which is rich in vitamins A and C, calcium and magnesium and nourishes every single hair for richer, thicker and stronger hair.

Choco Keratin Treatment - For severely damaged hair

A unique blend of cocoa extract and keratin amino acids to deeply nourish and repair dry, brittle hair. Specially formulated for dyed, severely damaged hair, providing shine for up to 5 months.

True Zero Keratin Treatment - For all hair types with 0% formaldehyde

Innovative amino acid reconstruction technology provides health, protection and long-term conditioning for all hair types. Effectively encapsulates essential amino acids and vitamins in the hair structure, smoothes hair loss and fluffiness while providing beautiful light for up to three months. 0% formaldehyde is released during the treatment, so its use does not damage the structure of the hair with chemicals at all.

If you want healthy, shiny and straight hair, book an appointment now for our special keratin treatment.


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