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REDKEN’s unique invention is the oil-based, odorless hair dye, which is completely ammonium-, and chemical-free, and is made with the use of natural ingredients. Thanks to these developments REDKEN has become the number one haircare brand.

REDKEN Chromatics is the new generation of hair dyes, brining you real 4D color effect. The technology behind how Chromatics fortifies the hair is to surround the hair with protective oil (using the ODS+ Protein Extract Technology), propel the long-lasting color pigments & protein extracts deep into every strand of hair, and then fortify it two times, leaving behind brilliant, multi-dimensional color.

What does 4D color effect mean?

1D perfect protection
2D perfect coverage
3D protein formula
4D perfect multi-dimensional color

With the help of the active agents the hair dye adapts to the thickness of your hair strands. As a result, your hair will become iridescent, giving it a more natural look. Owing to its protein extraction and hydrating technology, Chromatics is an extremely efficient product to restore your hair’s natural shine and its original texture.

The result is a shining head of hair that’s twice as strong as it was.

It’s important to know that you can choose from a variety of hair dyes, according to your needs. Regardless if you go for REDKEN’s hair coloring products or its Chromatics hair dye, the perfect results are guaranteed.


Hair coloring with REDKEN

We recommend REDKEN’s lasting hair coloring products to those men and women who are still new to the hair dye-game, and want to give their original hair color some shine and shading, but they can also be used to cover up the first gray hairs. Since lasting hair coloring is not a radical solution, you can only choose colors identical or darker than your own hair, making it impossible to detect grown out dyed hair. The coloring effect of REDKEN products can last for two or three months.

Hair dyeing with REDKEN

When you want to completely change the color of your hair, you use hair dye. A brightly colored crown of hair can be a defining part of your looks. As you age, it’s recommended to brighten your hair, as a means to soften your facial features, since a darker hair gives you more characteristic traits. Those who are looking for a cool, youthful and strong hair color, should look for intensive, red-copper tones.

REDKEN’s philosophy is to achieve the closest possible natural effect, therefore, in many cases, we apply tones which are a grade brighter at the split ends, representing a transition in hair color. REDKEN hair dye is only applied on your grown out dyed hair, while we treat the already dyed hairs with coloring, resulting in the perfect hair color. The coloring products of REDKEN process at an acidic pH, setting the pH level of your hair back to its natural state, while making it more resitant, twice as bright and much more flexible! REDKEN also provides a solution for your gray hairs, too: its Beyond Cover hair dye products cover all the different shades of the graying hair, making your silvery crown easily manageable, soft and more alive, thanks to their argan oil, ceramide, antioxidant and vitamin E content.

Our salon decided to use REDKEN’s unique products because we want to give your the absolute best during our hairdressing services as well. Experience the A-list quality, and you’ll have a hair just as beautiful as the stars of Hollywood!

Zsuzsanna Galgóczi, the owner of A-list Salon & Spa was the first one to be chosen by the REDKEN brand for the complete use of their products, thus proving her skills and experitse, as well as the exclusivity and excellence of her salons.


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