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Reservation Rules


Booking an appointment:

For detailed information on the process of booking an appointment, please follow the link below:


Late arrival

Time is as important for us as it is for You, so if you are late


Cancelling or changing an appointment

In either case, if you want to retain your loyalty or registered status, all you have to do is reimburse us 100% of the value of the last missed service.

You can do this in person or by bank transfer, please contact Balázs Magda, our General Manager, at the following contact details:


In the event that you do not visit any of our salons once in 1 year, our system will automatically cancel your status.

According to our GDPR regulations, if you do not want your data to be stored in our system in the future, please send an e-mail to our General Manager, Balázs Magda at,  within 3 days we will delete all your data from our system, including your history, our system will notify you by email.


Missing an appointment without giving us any information on it beforehand

Please note that we cannot make a reservation for those of our registered loyal customers and registered guests who disregarded our reservation rules described above, also their status will be automatically deleted from our system.


In case we cancel your appointment

We will be kind to you with a gift, thanking you for your flexibility.


Thank you for your understanding and your compliance regarding our policy!

Kindest Regards,

A-list Salon & SPA Management


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