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Reservation rules

Do you want to book an appointment with us?

We are so glad you chose us for your beauty routine! 


You can read more about the booking process here:



You can reschedule or cancel your appointment at any time:

(only via phone by call and email, we are not able to reschedule or cancel via SMS, Facebook and Instagram)

By phone 9 am - 7 pm (remember, we are closed on Sundays)


You can even do this by cancelling your appointment online (0-24) with one click.

Just do it:

1. Open the booking confirmation email.

2. Click on the cancel button.

3. Log in to your account with the e-mail address to which you received the confirmation and cancel the appointment you want.

Click on the "Cancel" button and select your appointment.


Rescheduling an appointment outside 24 hours:

(only via phone and email, we are not able to reschedule or cancel via SMS, Facebook and Instagram)

You can do this by phone or e-mail: Monday to Saturday during 9 pm - 7 pm!


Rescheduling and cancellation within 24 hours:

We're sure there are a million reasons why you had to reschedule or cancel your appointment within 24 hours, it could happen to anyone. You got bored, maybe the star alignments weren't right or you just forgot about us.

However, we were here and we were expecting you, so please think of us next time and do it outside 24 hours. This way you can help us so that our colleagues don't miss out on your time by cancelling.

Cancellation/resheduling of your appointment is free of charge if you give us at least 24 hours' notice.

If you reschedule, cancel or do not show up within 24 hours, we will automatically charge you a cancellation fee.

(this also applies if you do not show up or cancel your appointment due to illness)


To our regular and registered guest:

Of course, it is possible that you fell ill, maybe the alignment of the stars was not perfect or you simply forgot about us, so you can cancel or reschedule your appointment 2 times eithin 24 hours free of charge within 1 year (365 days).

We will inform you about all occasions by e-mail and SMS.

On the 3rd such occasion, basedon our policy, our system will automatically charge our colleagues availability fee (not the full amount), which you can also pay ONLINE, after logging in our website.

When this has been paid, our system resets the number of your canceled services, so the new 1 year starts over for you.


If we cancel within 24 hours: 

Of course, it also happens with us that our colleague falls ill, in all such cases we will notify you by e-mail and SMS. If we can move your appointment, thanks to your flexibility, we will provide a one - time 15% discount on the occasion of your booked appointment, which our system will automatically deduct at the time of payment.


More than a 10 minutes late:

Time is also important to us, as we do not want to keep you waiting either.

In case of a delay of more than 10 minutes, we can provide you with the remaining time, which also applies to the evening closing. Our salons are open until 8 pm.

Please note that our colleagues were available, so we need to charge you for the service which you booked.


If we are more than a 10 minutes late:

In the event that the slip happens because of us and we are unable to perform the service you requested, we will provide you with a one - time  10% discount on the price of the service used.


If you do not appear at your appointment:

You have an appointment, but you can not let us know that you can not come or maybe you can not pick up if we are looking for you...We sincerely regret the situation, but our colleague was here and was counting on you so in this case our system will automatically charge our colleague availability fee based on our policy (not the full amount) which you can also pay ONLINE through our website.


Want to visit us for the FIRST time or you are a NEW guest?

For the following services, we can finalize your appointment after paying the RESERVATION FEE, either by e-mail sent by us or in person.

The reservation fee is only required for the first 3 times to finalize the reservation, after the 3rd time, our system automatically releases the payment obligation!

This will assure you of your booked appointment and our colleagues that we can count on you!

You will see the exact amount in the confirmation e-mail for the specific service you booked.


If anything comes up and you need to cancel your appointment, you can do so in the email we will send you.

What to look out for:

You can reschedule your appointment 1 time OUTSIDE 24 hours free of charge. But in case of cancellation or do not show we cannot refund the booking fee.

In the event of rescheduling, cancellation or no-show WITHIN 24 hours, the booking fee is considered a deposit according to our policy and cannot be refunded.

(this also applies if you do not show up or cancel your appointment due to illness)


You can pay the availability fee and the booking fee by e-mail ONLINE by credit card, SZÉP card or in person at any of our salons.

If you settle the fee for the missed service, you can make a NEW appointment.

Your cancellations will be reset to zero and you will have a clean slate.


Payment of the availability fee and booking fee:

IN CASH in person at our salons.

via our webshop by ONLINE PAYMENT or by CARD after login/registration

(if you pay online you will need your card details, K&H SZÉP CARD will ask for your bank password)


Which will help you with your booked appointment:

We'll send you an email reminder of your appointment 2 days before and the day of your appointment, as well as a text message to your phone the day before and the day of your appointment.


Late arrival:

Time is important for us too, because we don't want to keep you waiting either.

In case you are late, please let us know by phone as soon as possible so that we know in time.

- In 10 minutes we're smart, we'll fix it!


Late arrival, more than 10 minutes:

For delays of more than 10 minutes, we can provide you with the remaining time.

When you pay, our colleagues will charge you for the service you have booked.

In case we cause the delay and cannot provide the service you requested, we will give you a 10% discount on the price of the service.


In case of delay, if there is not enough time for the service:

We may not be able to provide the requested service if there is a long delay.

At your request, we will book a new appointment for you.


In case of illness of our colleague:

Of course, we may also need to change your appointment. 

Under our rules, we can offer you a 15% discount, if the service we have cancelled is not cancelled, but TRANSFERRED.


This is to thank you for your flexibility!

(The discount will be automatically deducted from the amount of the availability fee and will only apply to this transferred reservation.)



Manicures - pedicures: you have 1 week to request a warranty repair.

In cosmetics, you have 1 week to request a repair under guarantee.

Hairdressing:  we can offer a 1 week guarantee for coloring and haircut, provided that you notify us in advance by e-mail or telephone.

Brazil keratin treatment: 1 month a charge of our MATERIAL COST.


Information we will need:

- photo sent by e-mail ( or messenger

We will contact you in 24 hours.


In the event that our salon receives any negative rating on any online platform, we are unable to provide guarantee! 


Group booking:

Birthday? Bachelorette party? A mother-daughter program? Your place in the A-list! Book an appointment as a group to enjoy a truly lasting experience!

For 3 or more people, the booking is considered a GROUP booking.

For group bookings, please send an email to regarding the booking details.

In order to finalize the group booking, an advance payment is required.


Wedding booking:

When booking a wedding, we make the big day really special with our hairdressing and makeup services!

For wedding reservations, please send an email to regarding the details of the reservation.

Departure to the location: HUF 15,000 / specialist.

In order to finalize the wedding reservation, an advance payment is required.


Best Regards:

A-List Coordinators Team

A-List Salon & Spa

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