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Treating hair problems at home

If your hair is too dry it becomes unmanageable, if it becomes greasy quickly then it should be washed, dried, and shaped every two days or so.

Common hair and scalp problems such as dandruff, difficult-to-treat, dry or thinning hair, can affect not only your appearance, but also your mood and self-esteem.

If you don’t feel good in your skin you can also lose your confidence!


Treating everyday hair problems can often be easily solved with a little care and using the right products, other times we need to put a little more energy into proper care of our hair and scalp. 

Treating hair problems is possible and everyone deserves perfect, shiny and healthy hair!


Greasy hair, dandruff and problematic scalp

Caring for oily scalp with dandruff at home poses a serious challenge, as it requires care every other day, and immediately catches the eye if we are showing up with messy, greasy hair rather than freshly washed, beautiful locks somewhere. Dandruff and oily hair is one of the most common hair and scalp problems that is not an easy problem to handle at home.

When treating a hair problem, it is important to know that oiliness and dandruff are also affected by external and internal factors. You need to pay attention not only how you take care of your hair, but also to what nutrients you get into your body, whether you provide all the vitamins and minerals you need for your immune system to function properly, or you stress too much.


If you have a problematic scalp, choose a product that gently cleanses your head while also soothing the scalp. Try to push out the frequency of hair washes as much as you can and avoid products that contain silicone and make your hair heavy. Choose a shampoo that provides a solution for both dry and greasy dandruff, deeply cleanses the scalp and helps remove visible dandruff. Kérastase Spécifique Bain Divalent Hair Bath helps treating your hair problems if your struggle with greasy locks while the rest of your hair and the ends are dry, difficult to treat or even split. If you are dealing with such a problem, be sure to choose a product that helps regulate the production of sebum on the scalp and gently removes dirt and impurities. It is not necessary to apply the shampoo to dry hair ends, instead ensure that they are properly nourished with a conditioner or mask. If you also want to provide care, while soothing and hydrating your scalp, choose a mask specially designed for your hair problem.



Weakened hair

If you already have fine, thin hair, the structure of the hairs can easily be weakened by external influences. Dealing with hair problems is always a complex issue: step back in time and ask yourself if you’ve definitely done everything so far for the beauty and health of your hair?

The hairs must be constantly protected from high heat during hair styling, from harmful UV rays, and even after dyeing and bleaching, we must pay special attention to treating the hairs with the right products to keep them healthy and shiny in the long run.


When caring for weak hair at home, it is extremely important to regenerate the structure of the hair deep in the hairs and to ensure adequate protection against the harmful effects of the environment. Choose a shampoo that helps to strengthen weakened, damaged hair structure, regenerates the hair stands and helps to rebuild the structure of the hair. Strengthening and caring for the hair is the most important thing for weak hair, and the right mask contributes to rebuilding the hair structure, nourishes split ends and provides a silky, shiny finish.



Dry hair

If your hair is dry, dyed or bleached and your scalp is also uncomfortably dry then both your hair and your scalp need extra nourishment and hydration. Dryness is a hair problem that can not only affect the ends, but even the entire length of the hair. A few visits to the salon unfortunately do not necessarily provide a solution for your problem, treating it at home is essential to make your hair super shiny and silky soft again!


If the dryness only affects the ends of the hair, you should first of all, pay special attention to regenerating the split ends. Be sure to choose a care mask that nourishes and regenerates dry hair, softens and rejuvenates the hair stands and makes it silky to the touch!


If both your scalp and the entire length of your hair are dry, the hair follicles are also screaming for some attention! In addition to using a caring mask, choose a shampoo which nourishes your hair deeply from the roots and makes the hair soft to the touch while gently removing dirt from dry hair.

If you style or dry your hair at a high temperature, be sure to think about heat protection thus avoiding further hair damage.


Home treatment for thinning, receiding hair

Thinning hair is a complex problem that is surely affecting a person’s mood and self-confidence, but like any hair problem, it can also be treated. Not only nutrition, lifestyle and stress can play a key role here, but major environmental or hormonal changes can also affect our hair. If you want fuller hair, you will definitely need professional help at home! Serums especially designed for at-home use and masks help to thicken hairs and activate the growth phase of hair follicles so that the hair will be long and full of life again.

In addition, we can resort to immediate optical fraud, as the larger volume results in a richer effect and gives the appearance of denser, fuller hair while strengthening the hair structure and providing hydration.


Pale, dull, dyed hair

Unfortunately, dyed hair tends to lose its initial shine a few weeks after dyeing and this is especially true, of course, if the hair dye was of inadequate quality, or if at-home hair dye was used. One thing is for sure: in order to preserve your dyed hair color, it is extremely important that your hair is not only brilliantly shiny, but also healthy and full of life again for a long time. When caring for dyed hair at home, protection against the harmful effects of the environment is paramount, such as UV radiation, but also extreme environmental factors and contaminants from the environment, such as smog.

To achieve an intensely radiant hair color, choose a shampoo that effectively protects the hair from environmental effects and provides it with the content of vitamin-E. Depending on the needs of your hair, you can choose a light conditioner or a heavier mask which protects against UV radiation and closes the pigments deep in the hair. The result is a long-lasting hair color that will last until your next salon visit!


Treatment of hair problems at home with professional Kérastase products

Kérastase is an exclusive brand of exceptionally effective hair and scalp care products. All Kérastase products are tested under dermatological supervision and each is designed to treat a specific hair problem, providing truly personalized care.


Would you like to try the premium Kérastase products developed specifically for your hair type?

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