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What hairstyle suits your face?

Find out what hairstyle and haircut suits your face and your features the best from our article!

As we know, our hair has the best effect on our immaculate everyday appearance. If our hair is perfect, our mood will be much better every single day, and choosing a really good hair style and shape is the best thing that can happen with your everyday look.

The hairstyle of your dreams will give you more confidence! Now we are going to show you some practices and ideas so that you can choose the most suitable hairstyle for yourself with the help of our professional hairdressers.


Hairstyle for Heart Shaped face:

This type of face shape is characterized by a wider forehead and a narrow chin, so bangs are a particularly preferred choice because it narrows the forehead. It is important to note that in this case, emphasis on the cheekbones and eyes is essential, so it is recommended to grow the hair below the line of the chin, but ideally it should not reach much below the shoulder. If a symmetrical appearrance is paired with a heart-shaped face, we can also form a middle selection because the hair that falls to the side in this way properly frames the face.

Hairstyle for Round face shape:

For a round face, the distance between the forehead and the chin is about the same as the distance between the cheekbones. In this case, elongated hairstyles are most preferred, like straight slightly torn hairstyles that stretch the face. You may want to choose loose asymmetrical bangs or even leave your forehead free.

Hairstyle for Oval face shape:

Ladies with oval faces can make virtually any hairstyle work because everything is fine for them, from short to middle-length hair. Their face shape allows for both middle and side selections as well as symmetrical and asymmetrical bangs. Women with such a face shape can only reach for it with a hairstyle that is highly tufted high, because it only prolongs the beautiful head shape. In case of curly or wavy hair, it is advisable to avoid short cuts.

Hairstyle for Square face shape:

The angular shape of the face is characterized by a broad forehead, a firm and marked chin, and a protruding cheekbone. The overall effect is definitely worth refining, with loose waves but by no means a strong curl. Gently torn strands also help counteract character traits. In some cases, even with asymmetry, it is recommended to distract from the most powerful features of the face and it is worth using more striking colors to make the hairstyle eye-catching.

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