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Appointment request

We are very happy that you chose us for your beauty routine!

Through our reservation system, yia can see what options we have for you the day you choose.

Important information:

OUR RECEPTION COORDINATORS will finalize your reservation, this process does NOT happen automatically.
You will receive confirmation of your reservation by email.
You can reach us by phone at +36 70 615 1200 and +36 30 515 9944, from Monday to Saturday between 9 am to 7 pm.


We are sure there are a million reasons why you can't make it to your appointment.
You can cancel your appointment at any time by email or by phone during business hours.
Please help our work by doing this outside of 24 hours.


Important information if you want to visit us for the FIRST time:
For certain services, we charge a RESERVATION FEE for the first 3 TIMES, because time is important to us.

You have until 12:00 the next day to pay the reservation fee. ONLINE through our webshop or in person at any of our salons during opening hours.
After successful payment, we will confirm your booked date via SMS and email, and our system will automatically store the paid reservation fee in your profile.
This is how we ensure the booked appointment for you and our colleague.

Booking process:

1. If the confirmation email about the reservation is sent to the still available coordinators of the service you requested.

2. If necessary, we will call you and clarify all the details.

3. If the service you requested is NO LONGER available, you will receive a conditional reservation by email, where you can choose the best time for you, and our system will keep the recommended time for you until 9 am the next day.

You can read about the booking process here: