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Illyés Gabriella

Illyés Gabriella

Exclusive Hairdresser

2015. june since our team's expert

929 x 5 star feedbacks




I am grateful that every day I can start my work with sincere joy, for 9 years now at the A-list Salon & Spa in Buda.

I came here as a child and with the help of Zsuzsi Galgóczy, I not only saw a completely new world professionally, but also developed, changed and experienced a lot as a person.

I am glad that I found myself in this profession, because there is nothing better than when the sun goes down in such a way that, looking back, I feel that my guests received the best of my knowledge, patience and attention.

My everyday is full of kind gestures, smiles, intimate or sometimes funny conversations and, last but not least, satisfied guests.

What I learned here is the world of French hairstyles, where the focus is not only on dyeing, balayage and haircuts, but also on casual hairstyles.

I am proud, that I look for the beauty and the good in everyone. The soul is important to me, because if it is pure, then according to the law of attraction, like attracts like.

My dear guest wrote about me: "My new hairstyle is always done in a pleasant, almost "coffee-house" environment, while flipping through a newspaper, using reliable, high-quality hair care products by my favorite hairdresser Gabi, who I have been going to regularly for 7 years." - G. Anett

I hope to see you soon!

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