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Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure

Pampering for the body and soul

Known as the country's first and largest fish pedicure salon in Pest, since 2011 we have provided our guests with the opportunity to experience the special foot care of kangal fish. One of the unique features of this treatment is that it leaves the skin healthy and velvety in a natural and gentle way, while providing a tension-relieving and harmonizing effect.

As above, it goes down - the saying goes, but the reverse is also true: as it goes down, it goes up. Contrary to popular belief, the function of our feet and feet is not to carry the weight of our bodies. We should rather look at this part of the body as if it were rooted: it is responsible for supporting, balancing and connecting the body to the earth. Just as the root of a tree nourishes the whole tree, so the foot care and the condition of the foot affect the whole body and well-being. Not only does proper foot care make the treated area nicer, but it also creates a state of equilibrium - taking our feet lightly toward our goals while providing us with stable support.




Although its roots go back to ancient times, fish pedicure is still not an everyday form of foot care in Western-type cultures. Garra Rufa, also known as Kangal fish or Red sucking mullet, is native to the hot springs and lakes of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Local bathers have noticed that as a result of diligent cleaning of the fish, their skin becomes healthy and soft, which is why the small animals have started to be used therapeutically. The fish pedicure also has a stress and stress relieving effect, based on the fact that the mullets, while using the so-called mustache to gently and thoroughly remove dead epithelial cells, micromassage the skin, which stimulates blood flow, relaxes the foot contributes to energy flow, and gives your whole body a soothing, relaxing feeling. Thus, in addition to the joy of healthy skin, treatment is a valuable spiritual experience. The unique experience of touching fish can be complemented by additional services in our salon in Pest!


Our Fish Pedicure Services

Fish Pedicure

Touch with fish for 20 minutes.

SPA Fish Pedicure 

Touching the fish for 20 minutes, crowned with a nourishing foot scrub, cream and regenerative massage.

Exclusive fish pedicure

Touch with fish for 25 minutes, crowned with a complete Pamper pedicure and nail polish.

Our Fish pedicure services are available in the following salons

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1051 Budapest, József Nádor tér 8.

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