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Personalized beauty

A holistic approach to hairdressing

A key determinant factor in the hairdressing image of A-list Salon & Spa is the cutting edge Dessange technique from France, which puts feminity to the forefront – it is characterized by soft dynamics, graceful elegance and fine lines.

Blending together our own style with a holistic approach, a completely unique hairdressing method was born, applied by the hairdressers of A-list Salon & Spa in the Senior, Master and Top categories.

Our team of professionals pay special attention to the hair type, facial structure, physical features, personality, lifestyle and current stage of life of our customers, to make sure that the final hair style will match you perfectly! The end result will be no doubt easy to handle at your home, and will keep its shape up to two, or even three months!


REDKEN luxury products in Hungary


Zsuzsanna Galgóczi, the owner of A-list Salon & Spa was the first one to be chosen by the REDKEN brand for the complete use of their products, thus proving her skills and expertise, as well as the exclusivity and excellence of her salons.

Available REDKEN products at the three A-list salons range from hair dyes and haircare products to hair styling items. Salons endorsed by the products of REDKEN stand for quality, professionalism, unrelenting focus and personalized treatments.



The highest level of luxury in the hair care

Nowadays, women desire luxury that satisfies all their needs, and for many, this is the ritual of hairdressing salons at Kérastase. Kérastase rituals provide not only simple hair care but also a relaxing experience because of the high concentration of active ingredient, sophisticated molecular complexes, and a pleasant texture and fragrance.

Kérastase is both classic and modern, bold but not provocative, attractive but not inaccessible.



The perfect hair renewal system

Olaplex rebuilds damaged bonds in the hair and protects them from further damage. There is no dry, broken and brittle hair anymore! If dying and bleaching left your hair dull and brittle, try the Olaplex hair renewal system! 

Olaplex restores the healthy structure of the damaged hair, prevents hair from getting brittle and makes the hair brilliantly shiny, strong and healthy.


Hairdressing services







Highly professional and devoted colleagues who recently joined the A-list team. 


Master artist

Our master artists have been with us for at least six months and have comleted traings provided by our salon and Redken.


Top artist

Our top artist colleagues have completed salon and Redken trainging with additional international symposiums. They are the "creators" of our team. 






Our hairdressing services are available in the following salons

A-list Buda

1026 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 27.

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A-list Pest

1051 Budapest, József Nádor tér 8.

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