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A-list hairdressing

Perhaps I put more emphasis on hairdressing in my salons, because as a Redken Business Artist, I still participate in the salon every day, thus ensuring the professional development of my employees.
The haircuts we make emphasize femininity, and we consider light French elegance not only when creating the hairstyle, but also when creating the dream hair color.
In our hair salon, we chose Redken and Kérastase brands, because they represent the highest quality on an international level.
For us, it is important that the guest leaves satisfied from the hands of our professionals.

"It makes me happy that I can make my guests' hairstyles more beautiful with French haircut techniques.
I pay a lot of attention to the professional training of my colleagues,
whether it's about haircuts, hair coloring or highlighting techniques."

A-list consultation

I believe that the basis of everything is the consultation, the purpose of which is for our specialists to see exactly what you want.
Feel free to share your ideas during the consultation, we love it if you bring an inspirational photo.
Our specialists will recommend a hairstyle that harmonizes with your hair type, facial structure and personality.
All you have to do is log in by phone or send your current and desired hair color by email.
Our specialists are ready to help you during your
15-minute consultation!


French haircut

The real Dessange haircut technique can be easily prepared at home and retains its shape for up to 2-3 months.

In 1995, I had the opportunity to learn the French haircut technique, and I continue to train my team based on it to this day.

The French Dessange haircut technique is an international representative of femininity, elegance, sophistication and french style.

Redken hair coloring

Redken embodies the latest trends, efficiency and modern technology straight from the cosmopolitan, lively streets of New York.

Redken's new innovation is the Color Gels Oil hair dye, which is ammonia-free and contains 2% apricot kernel oil.

Thanks to the technology of the oil, it is easy to apply, its durability is unique, it is also perfectly suitable for covering gray hair.

The result speaks for itself even after the first dyeing.

Salons marked with the Redken name are synonymous with professionalism, all-encompassing care and personalized hair care.

Redken ABC hair treatment

The intensive care hair treatment completely renews the hair structure.

Due to its concentrated composition, it transforms even the most stressed hair.

The care formula of ABC products contains bond-protecting alpha-hydroxy acid.

The Acidic Bonding Concentrate system helps to strengthen the weakened bonds of the hair fibers.

It reduces the amount of breakage and prevents fluffing, making the hair 11x smoother.

Lasting until 6 - 8 washes.

Find the products on our webshop!

Kérastase hair care and hair treatment

L'Oréal created the Kérastase hair care brand 55 years ago, which deservedly gained a great reputation: it achieved enormous success with its special products and luxurious efficiency.

Kérastase provides professional luxury hair care with a scientifically based background.

Their hair treatment is known as Fusio Dose, and it makes hair look well-groomed and shiny in seconds.

Lasting until 4 - 6 washes.

Kérastase products can be found at the world's leading hairdressers.

Find the products on our webshop!

Olaplex hair treatment

Olaplex hair treatment is available in our salons, which solves the problem of breakage and dryness caused by bleaching and hair lightening procedures.

Olaplex multiplies the bonds in the hair and connects the already broken and damaged bonds, thus restoring the healthy structure of the hair.

Find the products on our webshop!

Brazilian keratin treatment

We recommend our long-term treatment for those who want healthy, brilliantly shiny, velvety soft and easy-to-manage hair, or who want to straighten their curly, wavy strands!

During the Brazilian keratin hair treatment, liquid keratin is applied to the hair, which helps to regain its natural elasticity.

The main building material of hair and nails is keratin, which is heated and applied to the outer structure of the hair to facilitate its integration.

It lasts for 3-4 months.

Color correction

Your hairstyle is patchy or you want a hair color change that is more than 2 shades lighter than your existing hair color, in these cases it is not possible to do this in one step.

In many cases, we have to dye our hair 3-4 times within 1 day in order to achieve a perfect result.

Color correction is always subject to a consultation, please call for details!

Classification of our hairdresser colleagues

The hairdressers of our professional team work in the following categories based on the time spent in the profession and in A-list® salons:


Based on their professional performance, they were recently added to the A-list team.

Master Artist

They have been members of our team for at least 1 year and participate in regular trainings, thereby ensuring their confidence and professional background.

Top Artist

Their professional knowledge is at a high level, they beautify their guests following the A-list protocol.

They regularly participate in further professional training.

Art Director

Our Art Director colleagues have such professional knowledge that they set an example for those behind them.

They help the integration and development of new and old colleagues.


They are respected and authorized, they are our salons "creators",

who ensure A-list salon's professionalism every day.

They pass on their professional knowledge to their colleagues through further training.


Our hairdressing services are available in the following salons

A-list Buda

1026 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 27.

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A-list Pest

1051 Budapest, József Nádor tér 8.

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