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A-list hand care

Our salon is a kind of place, where in addition to quality materials and the latest techniques, a leading trainer can ensure the professionalism of our colleagues. 

Quality materials for us are provided by OPI, CND and VICTORIA VYNN's long-lasting lacquers.

Our long-lasting lacquers are made with soluble and non-growing techniques and work perfectly. For reinforced polishes, we use KODI RUBBER, which gives durability and flexibility to reinforced nails with the strength of the rubber it contains.

In order to maximally disinfect supplies, the Titanox medical dry-heat air sterilization machine is our daily help.

Our exclusive specialist Pantoleon Alice gives individual and group training to her students in one of the leading schools in Hungary. Each year, more than 300 students vote her their confidence in the school where she teaches.

Our professionals take part in regular professional training, so we can provide our services to our guests at differentiated prices.

We believe, that our foot care colleagues will be able to advance with continuous practice and passing a professional exam:

to Senior, Art, Art Director and Exclusive levels.

Get to know us!

Our team of hand and foot care professionals work in the



Art Director

 categories, based on their time in the industry and in A-list salons.

Normal / They are freshly recruited to the A-list team.

Senior / Our colleagues who have been in the profession for more than 1 year and have successfully passed the A-list Salon Senior exam. They attend continuous training and strengthen their knowledge in our salon.

Art / In addition to high quality, they help to realize the individual wishes of our guests through consultation. They have years of professional experience and A-list background.

Art Director / They are the "creators" of our team, supervising the other colleagues professionally, in addition to the high quality.
Their clientele is recurring, so as a new guest it is only possible to book an appointment with them on the basis of a recommendation. 

Exclusive / Our lead instructor, Pantoleon Alice welcomes her guests.


When you enter any of our A-list salons, you will be greeted by our reception coordinator and specialist. Upon request, we offer you fresh coffee, tea, and a refreshing glass of water.

During the service, to give you a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a few hours, we will try to serve you according to your needs.


The perfect choice between two signature manicures. 

Treatment steps: nail shaping, shaping of the nail bed, nail polish replacement, moisturizing and nourishing creams.


Classic Russian manicure with no-growth technique. With reinforced gel varnish as required.

Treatment steps: removal of the existing varnish layer (with solution or using a diamond grinding head), nail shaping with a single-use file, preparation of manual or Russian manicure adapted to your nails (shaping of nails, removal of excess skin layer - cleaning for the non-growth technique), long-lasting varnishing with reinforced technique if required, finishing with a soothing cream.



A classic Russian manicure with beeswax polish for a radiant shine and a healthy, well-groomed look to your nails. Recommended for those who are naturalists and want a long-lasting, well-groomed effect on their hands.



In artificial nail design, the emphasis is on naturalness, delicacy and femininity. In our salons, we do gel nail art, which allows us to create beautiful nails even for ladies whose own nails are thin, weak or fragile.



Our manicure services are available in the following salons

A-list Buda

1026 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 27.

Prices Book an appointment

A-list Pest

1051 Budapest, József Nádor tér 8.

Prices Book an appointment
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