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A-list Salon & Spa offers you the opportunity to experience the state of perfect relaxation and harmony in an exclusive environment. The Pest salon features two massage rooms (a private room and a double bed room), which provide you with all the comfort and elegance you’ll need for a truly pleasant time. Depending on the applied technique, we can provide you soothing, invigorating and body shaping massages, facilitating the creation of a balance between your mind and body, easing your mental and emotional tensions and helping you regenerate.


The beneficial effects of massage


Massages increase your metabolism, circulation, excratory functions, while they also increase your body’s detoxification efficiency. In general, massage therapy facilitates the renewal of skin cells, puts an end to fatigue, helps your muscles regenerate and kickstarts your body’s self-healing processes. Our massages are made more rich and intensive with the help of various skin- and bodycare products, special tools and unique methods.

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Foot Massage

Our Foot Massage starts off with a refreshing exfoliation, which we perform with a premium quality sea salt to stimulate the nerve endings and reflex zones located on the palm and sole of our feet. This is followed by a traditional foot massage with a hydrating and fast absorbed cream to make your feet beautifully soft and fresh while making you feel extremely pleasant. For our longer foot massage we use a bamboo stick to make your experience more unique. Available in 20, 30 or 40 minute duration.



Deep Tissue Massage

The Swedish oil massage is considerably more intense than the traditional one and moves the whole body. Usually we recommend a refreshing peppermint-rosemary oil for this to facilitate muscle relaxation. We implement stretches and tweaks into our Swedish Massage, making it feel like a far Eastern one: the end result is relaxed muscles and revitalized blood circulation. We recommend this for people who prefer rougher massages, but of course any level of intensity can be requested. Available in 40 or 60 minute duration.


Energizing Back Massage

During this refreshing, oily back massage we move the shoulders, resulting in an uplifted mood straight away. Back, neck and lower back muscles relax, blood circulation and muscle tone improves. The tired body recharges and thanks to it’s vitalizing effect blood and lymphatic circulation intensifies. For those who struggle with back ache and don’t have much time, this type of massage is the best option. Available in 30 or 45 minute duration.



Tibetian Back Massage with Honey

At the beginning of the massage session we warm up some honey, then in a careful,  delicate manner spread it all over the client’s back. Due to the intensity of the massage getting higher and higher, some of the honey gets absorbed and the rest becomes sticky. This is followed by spanking movements  creating a vacuum on the surface of the back to encourage detoxification. Congestion in the area help with reducing the pain. This honey massage helps with harmonizing the body’s natural energy flow, while having a detoxing and purifying effect. Available in 40 minute duration.



Salt Massage

In order to work the legs, arms and the back effectively, we perform this massage while the client is laying on their stomach. We mix Himalayan salt with grapeseed oil, then massage the whole body to encourage blood and lymphatic flow. During the massage while scrubbing dead skin away, we stimulate microcirculation, too – resulting in a pleasant, tingly sensation. We recommend this massage for those who enjoy a special treat! Available in 50 minute duration.



Aromatherapy Massage

This personalized massage is performed with aromatherapy oils and scents that can be chosen by the client. You can choose from two types: relaxing or Swedish massage. After the client’s chosen their preferred technique, scent and intensity, we gently massage them (while they are wearing a towel), making sure they are calm and wound down. Then we begin either the relaxing massage (to promote feeling calm) or if the Swedish massage was chosen, the refreshing massage. Choose this type if you like gentler or medium intensity massages. Available in 60 or 80 minute duration.


Spirit uplifting Massage

While performing this massage our priority is to make the client calm, relaxed and to help with spiritual renewal. Instead of working the body and using a rougher technique, we treat it with deep, smooth touches. At the beginning of the session we make sure to get the client on to meditation and relaxation using a Tibetan singing bowls. Once we are done we repeat this step to give the massage a nice framework. We use a sensually sweet ylang ylang and vanilla mixture while performing this easy paced, gentle massage. Available in 50 and 70 minute duration.




Indian Hot Stone Massage

The healing effect of the lava stones has been known for many many years. It helps detoxifying overworked and tired muscles and joints. We use a special bowl filled with water to heat up the stones and to keep them hot until the end of the session. We start the massage with the client laying on their stomach (wearing a towel), then we place the stones gently along the spine. We apply the oil with our hands first, followed by a good massage of the body part then placing stones over it. First we work the legs, followed by the arms, and after removing the stones we massage the back. This is followed by the same routine but while the client is laying on their back. To finish the session off, we remove the stones and massage the neckline. This is a mild to medium intensity massage – a relaxing aromatherapy oil is recommended with it.



Bamboo Massage

This is a rather rough Swedish massage, combined with bamboo sticks. We start off by massaging with our hands and slowly increasing the intensity while using a bamboo stick on different areas of the body. The gentler movements stimulate the upper layers of the tissue, whilst firmer pressure affects the lower layers and muscle. We can use this method on the back muscle, thighs, calves and feet. We perform this massage with a aromatherapy oil chosen by the client. Recommended for the gents.




Not just traditional massage services, but special rituals await those who would like to relax. What makes our rituals really special is that the client can choose a pampering bath and a spa body scrub to go with the massage, resulting in complete relaxation.

Our bathing ritual starts off with a bubble bath and an aromatherapy oil mixed in with the water, combined with the scent combinations included in the package. The water is enhanced with honey, milk and vanilla aroma. We light tea lights along the bath tub and prepare a bottle of champagne. After about 20 minutes of soaking in the indulgent water, the client lays down on the table prepped for the body scrub. The scrub itself is mixed by us and we use the one included in the chosen package. This is followed by a refreshing shower then the client’s chosen massage. All of our rituals include either a body scrub and massage, a pampering bath and massage, or a bath, scrub and massage – the latter is 120 minutes long, while the others are 90 minutes. 



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