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A-list foot care

Our salon is a place where, in addition to quality materials and the latest techniques, a leading trainer ensures the professional preparation of our colleagues.

Our exclusive specialist, Pantoleon Alice, holds individual and group training sessions for her students in one of Hungary's leading schools.

Every year, more than 300 students vote for her in the school where she teaches.

We chose the world's leading brands for our salons:

OPI, CND and VICTORIA VYNN's long-lasting polishes, we chose our equipment park from the Staleks brand.

In order to ensure the maximum disinfection of devices, the TITANOX medical dry heat hot air sterilization machine is our daily help.

Our long-lasting polishes are soluble and made with a non-growth technique.

Our professionals take part in regular professional training, so we can provide our services to our guests at differentiated prices.

We believe that our foot care colleagues will be able to:

Advance to Senior, Art, Art Director and Exclusive levels.

The professional classification of our colleagues:

The hand and foot care specialists of our team, based on the A-list and the time spent in the profession:



Art Director


work in foot care categories.

Normal categorized colleagues have recently joined the A-list team.
Senior categorized colleagues have been working in the profession for at least 1 year and have successfully passed the exam. They participate in regular trainings, thus strengthening their knowledge in our salon.

Art categorized colleagues in addition to high quality, they help to realize the individual wishes of our guests with consultation. They have several years of professional experience and an A-list background.

Art Director category contains the "creators", who, in addition to high quality, professionally supervise the other colleagues.

Their guests are returning guests, so they can only book new guests based on a recommendation.

In the Exclusive category, ur leading instructor, Pantoleon Alice, welcomes her guests.

Our services

When you enter any of our A-list salons, you will be greeted by our reception coordinator and specialist. Upon request, we offer you fresh coffee, tea, and a refreshing glass of water.

As part of the A-list protocol, our specialist assesses your requests and wishes and selects the right package for you, adapted to the needs of your feet.

PAINTING ON FEET with gel polish:

The perfect choice between two SIGNATURE pedicures.

The steps of the treatment: shaping the nails, creating the curve of the nail bed,

changing the polish, and finishing with moisturizing cream.


Classic pedicure with Russian non-growth technique.

The steps of the treatment: After soaking in antiseptic sea salt, the existing polish layer is removed with a solution or using a diamond grinding head.

Next comes nail shaping with a single-use file.
We prepare the classic Russian pedicure (shaping of nails, removal of excess skin layer - cleaning for the anti-growth technique).

The skin is removed with a scalpel and PODODISK.

Finally, the feet are treated with the ingredients of Sixtus products, which stimulate blood supply to the skin, protect against varicose veins and strengthen the skin. In addition, they provide intensive care for dry skin, so the skin surface treated during the pedicure will be deeply hydrated and soft again.



We work with a classic Russian pedicure technique, instead of painting the nails with nail polish, we treat the nails with a beeswax polish, which gives a brilliant shine and a healthy, cared-for effect.

We recommend it to all those who are fans of naturalness and want a long-lasting shiny effect on their nails.



Our pedicure services are available in the following salons

A-list Buda

1026 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 27.

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A-list Pest

1051 Budapest, József Nádor tér 8.

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