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The all-around high quality of A-list Salons and the expertise of the artists lie in the professionalism cultivated by the management and is ensured through the continuously trained, enthusiastic team. Our mission is to treat guests with outstanding service, in a sophisticated yet friendly environment.
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We are introducing new manicure and pedicure services

Proper maintenance of the nails is essential to any beauty routine. Our salon is offering solutions for its guests with either the classic or most cutting-edge techniques. 

Let us introduce A-list Salon & Spa!

The professional quality of A-list Salons and the expertise of their staff lie in the high level services determined by the management, and provided by a continuously trained, enthusiastic team of employees. Our mission is to treat you with top quality services for affordable prices, in a sophisticated, friendly environment.

Italwax - The magic wax which opens a door to a new dimension of depilating

 If you are looking for a hair removal treatment that will keep your skin silky smooth for a weeks smoothly, but you aren't comfortable with waxing, Italwax has been invented for you! Efficient, fast, safe and almost painless - forget traditional waxing and try Italwax!

Lashlifting - Wonder Lashes for You

This is a unique technique where we get spectacular, curved lashes without using artificial ones. 
Even for those who dislike eyelash extensions or can't wear them because of their lifestyle/work.

Everything you wanted to know about True Keratin treatment

We recommend True Keratin BIO treatment to all our guests who wish to have healthy, brilliantly shiny, silky soft and easily managable hair - all with natural ingredients. 


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Monday - Friday 8:30 - 20:00
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